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My Head to Toe: Dinner with Meg

February 23rd, 2008 No Comments

Since it is(was) Friday night, and I hadn’t left the house to do anything FUN in over two weeks, when Meghan called and invited me to dinner with her beau and friends, I said “Hell Yes!”

I know Mom, not the best idea, but I was home by 11 to walk Mason and do my breathing treatment.

On to more fun stuff, here’s what I wore, really not thrilling, but I wanted to share:

  1. Laundry by Design top with really intricate beading
  2. J Brand skinny jeans
  3. Guiseppe Zanotti booties (which I will wear whenever it snows as they have been stylish and functional, they’re patent)
  4. Earrings, some cheapy store,  I think I got them for five dolla

Amazing dinner with my bff Meghan and her amazing guy Dave.  I love a man who understands good wine (and how good my friends are!)