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February 24th, 2008 No Comments

“well, yesterday i got my hair cut short – the shortest it’s been in a long time. and maybe since i was a little bad after my hair cut – i don’t know – well, i decided to shave my goatee off this morn. and i did. i shaved myself clean.

you were right about me probably looking older. i was feeling it. and, now, i feel so clean w/ my hair cut and clean shaven face = i haven’t looked or felt like this in a long time. i feel like spring – the sun came out from behind days of winter time winds coming from the northern storms in he sea – and i saw something in me i haven’t been able to see in a while —-

and so, along w/ keeping your overall tips in mind, all day and night i felt really confidant and i had some thing tonight in this old club which V.F. just mentioned in an article and was able to really roll w/ it…

wow, you know you craft —-”

—Reader John