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I Made Candy for the EMT’s

February 25th, 2008 No Comments

Today, after a meeting, before going to see Funny or Die (photos, and a video you won’t want to miss to come soon, when I get it from Julia), I made candy for the EMT’s who saved my life (a little over dramatic here, but they attended to my oncoming bronchitis, TWICE, and were so concerned about my well-being) while in Columbus at my first Funny or Die show.  That trip I apparently chose DIE, not a good choice, tonight I chose FUNNY, which made the show so much more enjoyable (always is when you can breath!).

Moral of this story, instead of clicking your mouse and purchasing online cookies, or having your assistant send flowers, show someone who did something nice for you that it really meant a lot by actually doing something, making something with your own two hands.  Remember, it’s the effort, not the actually gift, that shows you are truly appreciative.