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Random Act of Kindness

February 26th, 2008 No Comments


I have never experienced a random act of kindness like this before in my life!

A reader of mine contacted Julia after seeing how much pain I was in on my birthday suffering from bronchitis.  They asked her to go out and pick out a pair of shoes and a purse that I have been lusting over.  Of course these items have been written about on on my blog, so Julia chose the Jonathan Kelsey silver sandal heels and a YSL bag (and she chose exactly the right ones!)

They presented them to me last night at dinner, there is a video of the whole thing, that for some reason Julia has not sent me today, it’s priceless.  I was completely shocked, no idea it was coming, and WOW, not only amazing gifts, but a truly AMAZING gesture. My feelings about the whole thing cannot be fully described in words.

The card read:

“I have been an avid reader of your blog for some time as well as a chronic suffer of bronchitis.  You have brought so much happiness through your style suggestions that I thought it was time I did something for you.   I wish you the happiest of birthdays.”

“Someone a long time ago did a random act of kindness for me.  All I ask in return is you – sometime in the future – give someone in need a similar act of kindness.  I truly hope you have a special day.”

Dear Reader,

I am truly overwhelmed by your generosity and cannot say thank you enough, for both the beautiful gifts and the thoughtful gesture.  I promise that one day I will bestow another person with such a grand offering.  I feel in my everyday life I do things for people, but there will need to be a larger effort to reciprocate your gifts.  Thank you from the bottom of heart.

I can’t imagine living with this pain on a daily basis.  It is my hope that your good karma in some way can heal your lungs.

All My Best,


A big thank you to Julia and Meghan for assisting dear reader and knowing me so well, I love those kinds of friends :)

(video to follow….JULIA!)