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“What if people like me could have a personal stylist?” –Web Guy Reader

February 28th, 2008 No Comments

I have to say, after working with Julia, who I believe needs guidance with her style, that having a personal stylist is about being open-minded. (I mean this comment about Julia in the kindest way. I love her for being strong enough to be her, I just wish she would show more of her natural beauty and less…pink dress).

If you are open to trying new things, a personal stylist would be a blessing.  But you also have to TRUST your stylist.

If you say you want something new, but really just want attention, not to actually change, then a stylist would be a curse.

This wisdom also comes from watching the Millionaire’s Club tonight….matching clothes and match hearts, you have to be open minded to something you’ve never tried for it to not only work, but also make you happy.