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Yourdp: What I Have Learned Today

February 28th, 2008 No Comments


what I have learned today:

  • I shouldn’t shave ever
  • pictures of me looking pasty white and strung out are disturbing
  • women don’t dig Garfield or stuffed footballs being placed in a visiable area where it may be confused a child is living at the residence
  • polo’s and sweaters are bad
  • not smiling in your pictures is unappealing (I tried to find a picture of me smiling and couldn’t.  I even logged onto FACEBOOK!  bringing me to question why I can’t take a normal picture)
  • most valuable lesson: I love tumblr days like today



Ok, don’t shave (longer hair and less exacting facial hair is a better look for you) but maybe try a smile or smirk.  Want more suggestions?  Dump the garfield and football (if it is special maybe a loving home in a box under your bed?) and if you are ever going to show a collar under a sweater make sure it is a button down and not a polo…it makes a huge difference. 

Not Shave..But dont take my advice, Ask Mary, the font of all knowledge.

**above blogs were shortened to keep your attention, main content maintained**

Mary says, loose the tickler, yuck! And I think if you combo the partly shaven with the combed hair you might have quite a look.

It seems like you learned a lot from Ella and Emma, they were both right! But on the upside, you’re an attractive guy, harness and accentuate your looks and blue eyes, and the ladies will be rockin, we promise not to come a knockin.

I think you’ve learned your lesson, smile, go forth and be stylish.