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Mason has a new bag!

March 7th, 2008 No Comments

Mason has a new bag!! The oversized Muse bag in white patent. He’s very picky and insisted on white for summer.

The aforementioned story:

The Muse bag is actually a gift from one of my readers.  He/She contacted Julia when I was sick with bronchitis on my birthday and said they wanted to surprise me with a pair of shoes and a bag that I had been wanting.  The gift was delivered to me with a card saying that it was a random act of kindness to brighten my birthday and in return, I need to pay it forward to someone in the future. The bag was a beautiful YSL Overseas bag, but unfortunately did not fit the love of my life, Mason.  So I returned the bag to get one he would be comfortable in.

Thank you generous reader for the thoughtful and overwhelming gifts.  I’m sure this is only one of your MANY efforts to make people smile.  I believe this gift was only a small token in comparison to your donations to charities, thoughtfulness with your friends and family, and everyday good deeds.