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Some things never change

March 7th, 2008 No Comments

Some things never change.  An email from my friend Amy. 

“So I’m having random memory flash backs to LA our senior year of high school and wish I had more picture to look at from our fun experience! Do y’all have any?…ALSO, remember how y’all turned me into a “wild child” (after just having broke up with Dan-the-Man haha) and Mary got me out of my boring fashion style and made me stop wearing only black and grey and taught me how to “properly” do my makeup (aka…”Amy, you CAN’T wear black eye liner b/c you are a redhead and need to wear brown b/c it goes with your coloring”)?  And remember how I made out with Hooper (hahaha) at their party while we were dancing to Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”?! HAHAHA.  Oh gosh, memories!” 

(she’s wearing black, haha!)