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I would like to wake up to this instead

March 11th, 2008 No Comments

(via cheblogue)

You saw the picture from my morning yesterday.  I would like to wake up to this instead.  NYC offers a million opportunities for a woman in fashion, but at the end of the day, beauty/style is being comfortable without all the nonsense.  We know that fashion is the wrapping paper for the pretty gift inside, but why do we need that big red bow? It’s just the way the world is today.  And the perfection of the bow is in the eye of the beholder (have I regurgitated enough cliches yet).

Bottom line: I love my job, I love fashion, but this is what I want to see every morning.  This is what I am working for. I want to feel the warmth of my man beside me as I hear the dog barking to wake me when my baby girl/boy jumps on the bed.  A smile forms on my face; I’ll get up and make breakfast.

We all have our own sunrise, where is yours? Forget the bow for a moment, dare to dream :)