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Short Shorts and Bermuda Shorts

March 13th, 2008 No Comments

Short shorts, not show-your-yaya, pockets-coming-out-of-the-bottom shorts,  are my favorite to wear during the summer (see above).  Second, would be Bermuda shorts (which someone else was asking about the other day…).  They are fun and comfortable, perfect for a day of running around (especially if you’re driving in the heat with leather seats, short shorts are awful for that!).

Not a fan of these (shorts that fall to the middle of your thigh).  It doesn’t flatter anyone.

With Bermuda shorts, wear heels (not wedges) or flats.  If you have short legs, rock the heels (like that is front page news).  Color on this pair of pumps is good, but the style is awful.

You can find solid colors at J Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Club Monaco, Marshall’s, pretty much anywhere at any price point.  I really prefer the plaid though, especially since it’s a daytime short.

Above pic is JCREW for $72.