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March 13th, 2008 No Comments


Reader Ashley loves J Crew and wrote asking how should she spice up the basic pieces from their Spring collection.

I have to tell you, I was not thrilled about writing this post.  When I pass J Crew, it looks like a rainbow threw up in there.  HOWEVER, for basics, they have some good stuff.

Now, let me also say this….I did not see anything on JCREW.COM that I had to have.  So if it’s basics you’re looking for, either get something quality, like Polo, or hit up Forever 21 or H&M, where you will get so much for bang for your buck and it will probably last you just as long.

The “spice” comes from the color combinations and the accessories you choose.  Shoes add so much character to an outfit, especially in warm weather.  So if you’re wearing a t shirt and shorts with a pair of hot wedges, then your outfit is complete (would be nice to have a funky pair of earrings and glossy lipstick too!)

These tips go FOR MEN TOO! Color combos and a funky pair of shoes will do wonders for your white t and khakis.

(BTW, Tumblr spellcheck says “No Misspellings Found.” I really want to trust it!!)