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John, you look awesome!

March 18th, 2008 No Comments

John, you look awesome…casual, comfortable, but still clean and crisp.

Here’s what he has to say about his the makeover:

“You were right about me probably looking older. i was feeling it. and, now, i feel so clean w/ my hair cut and clean shaven face = i haven’t looked or felt like this in a long time. i feel like spring – the sun came out from behind days of winter time winds coming from the northern storms in he sea – and i saw something in me i haven’t been able to see in a while —-“

“All the “Starbucks girls” have been making a big fuss over me the past few days. … Now they’re saying how different I look = how much younger and cleaner – Oh, and they dig my new Hugo Boss aviators.”

“P.S. So many people are still commenting on how different I look = And I give them your name and all the credit =  Even when people ask about my hair, I tell them it was your idea and you researched a salon for me to go to here and suggested Brett James (downtown Pittsburgh) and the French Phyto line he carries …”