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March 22nd, 2008 No Comments


Imogen Heap’s unique electronic sound combined with her unusual lyrics really strike a chord in your heart.  Although the music sounds anything but “real,” you can relate to her sentiments when you decide to listen.  This video is Hide and Seek, one of their most popular tracks.

I’m the first to admit I’m not very music savvy, so when people introduce me to new/underground/non-mainstream bands, I am usually pleasantly surprised.  My friend Stacy got me into Imogen Heap a few years ago and I’m truly captivated every time I hear the familar songs.

Two points:

  1. Their new album Not Now But Soon is coming out and they have released the first single on their myspace page.  It’s good!
  2. Tunage is a new tumblr that brings obscure bands to the forefront.  Aficionados and amateurs can both appreciate the tunes and commentary.