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Head to Toe: What the hell did they do to my upper lip?!

March 25th, 2008 No Comments

What the hell did they do to my upper lip?!

And why do we look so stretched out? But at the same time I look stubby. Like they chose certain parts to stretch vertically and others horizontally…They even managed to make Julia look boobless. New Photoshop techie please. I can say with confidence that if all three of us didn’t shower for 5 days, we would look better than this “version” of us. (Please note hypothetical. We all shower on a regular basis.)

This picture was taken last summer.  If you’re looking for an awful picture that’s current, please call Nick Denton and company.

Yes, this commentary is quite vain.  You know you would scrutinize the picture if it was you!!!!


  • Me:Roland Mouret skirt, Ann Taylor tube top, Jane Mason silver necklace, Moschino silk heels, Ali CLICK bag
  • Julia: J Crew dress, Jac CLICK bag
  • Meghan: Cynthia Rowley dress