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March 27th, 2008 No Comments


Two summers ago I was on a reality TV show called One Ocean View (for ABC summer prime time, produced by Bunim Murray).

The premise of the show was to film how young, hard working Manhattanites spend their summer weekends out of the city. (Filming was only done on the weekends.)  After two episodes, it was cancelled.

Fun Facts You Can’t Find Online:

  1. I did the show to get PR for my new company.  Obviously, as it was cancelled after 2 episodes, that didn’t really work.
  2. The remaining episodes focused on the love affairs between the other cast members. I was merely there to antagonize Usman (which was really easy).
  3. The show played Lauren (to the right of me) and I off as enemies. In reality, you know Lauren as Heft, my roommate.
  4. After we shot the first episode, I started dating someone in NYC. He later visited me on the island.  As you know reality tv is somewhat constructed. KJ and I are good friends, and we have always been just that. He now has a family and there is no doubt in my mind that he is an amazing father.
  5. I have not been back to Fire Island since shooting the show.
  6. Usman went on to work in the mail room at CAA. (No idea what he is doing now).
  7. It amazes me that theycontinue to write stories about me, but I can’t even get a “hell no” to my dinner invitation to Nick Denton.

This picture was taken at the premiere party at Pink Elephant.

I think that covers it :)