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A lot to handle

March 29th, 2008 No Comments

Mason and Monster can be a lot to handle sometimes.  Mason walks wherever he wants to, and Lilly likes to stop and smell the “roses” (ie, every other dog’s marked territory).

Just checked out Meghan’s blog, and I think she is planning to kidnap my Mase. Quite a love affair she has going on.  I’ve never actually had people (multiple people) ask to dog sit.  He’s just that cool.

Speaking of friends’ blogs….I really miss Julia’s blog.  Even though I see her on a daily basis, the damn thing is addicting.  I even had an icon for it on my iPhone.  Plus, it reminded me if I had a dinner or an event I had forgotten to put in my Outlook :)

(P.S. Like my post-spin outfit…yikes!)