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April 1st, 2008 No Comments


(Giorgio Armani in Vogue, September 1989; Calvin Klein, Fall 2008.)

“The Italian journalist Lucia Sollazzo wrote that Armani did more for women with his masculine look than feminism had.” —Style.com

If you’re interested in seeing 80’s fashion reinvented for today’s runway (in other words, clothes that look really cool that no one would ever actually wear), check out this slideshow on Style.com.

I would totally rock the over-sized blazer….even better is the over-sized tux jacket for evening.  It seems once people became reacquainted with the extra large boyfriend sweater, taking that next step to the blazer wasn’t a far stretch.  In all honesty, I prefer the 80’s camel over the current Calvin Klein.  Pair it with leggings, a mini, or skinny jeans; whatever bottoms you choose, they must be tight to avoid that bag lady look.