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Style by Mary Rambin, Hair Style by Ty Holbrook

April 2nd, 2008 No Comments


At times, my hair can get ..unmanageable.

I’ve never really been satisfied with haircuts.  For about six years my solution was to buzz my own hair every few months when it got out of control.  Recently I began having it cut again.

Every time I left the chair, I felt like an accountant, not a crazy filmmaker/musician. I want to look out of place in a suit.

I was looking forward to getting it cut by the awesome Bethany Johnson (of the famed Family Johnson) whose work is true artistry. (See the cuts on Nathan and China in this video for example.) Alas, she’s not in New York.

And so I found myself looking for a hair stylist who could figure their way through the Heart of Darkness that is my hair.  Rachel was also looking for a new style, and so our fellowship of the scissor grew to two. 

I browsed through stylists on model mayhem. I solicited advice from photographer and model friends. I even emailed Mary Rambin, who recommended Ty Holbrook as ‘the best’.

He is.

Here are links to her blog posts about it. I have some issue with the pictures she chose — they’re not all reflective of the nature of the cuts; some are more reflective of the nature of the pictures.  But she’s right.  (NOTE: If my hair looked similar before/after, it was because Ty left the parts growing long to grow out, and cut short the parts that were getting.. fuzzy. This is more impressive than it sounds— this is the first time my hair has been this long and I don’t look like a muppet.)

Not a day goes by — literally — when one of us doesn’t get an unsolicited complement on our hair, asking who cut it, or saying we resemble celebrity X who has similar hair. (Further documented adventures of our hair to follow, lol). Many people are of the school to not discuss these things, but the bravery of the Mary Rambin / Julia Allison school is that, although sometimes you may suffer for discussing what others won’t, people can gain from the knowledge when you share it. And ain’t that what it’s all about?

So, to sum up: Mary is very nice and very awesome, and you should read her blog and email her and stuff.

And Ty Holbrook is indeed the best hair stylist in New York.