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I’m Still Learning

April 4th, 2008 No Comments

People are always saying, “You should blog this.” And sometimes I think, wow, you’re right, this is great.  Other times, I think, “blog this and say, hey this is my dinner.” I’m still learning about blogging you see.  But I find it extremely funny (and flattering) that my friends want to be involved in my blog.

The post:

Last night we ate at Pure Food and Wine (17th and Irving).  It’s all organic, vegan, and raw.  When I heard this I got really excited about how healthy the whole experience was going to be.  Then I looked at the menu and realized I am not as healthy as I thought.  It was too healthy!!! And I was starving. Of course there isn’t a bread basket at a raw restaurant, so I patiently waited for my portobello mushroom and lettuce wraps. Both were AMAZING! As hesitant as I was to order, I love trying new things so I wasn’t shocked that I enjoyed the meal.

Would I recommend it??? Probably only to people who appreciate the vegan diet.

(If you go and realize you are a little scared too, hop next door to Casa Mono for amazing cooked tapas. Their ribeye crossed my mind more than a few times as I was waiting for my raw mushroom!)