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New Nobu Rep

April 7th, 2008 No Comments

A friend and I were discussing how the Nobu reputation is not all it used to be. 

I find this really unfortunate.  Granted, there are new restaurants opening in NYC on a daily basis, but you can’t forget the classics that serve amazing food!

Above is a picture of the black cod we devoured last night. My other Nobu favorites are the white fish and of course the creamy shrimp tempura.

On the other hand, we also agreed Mr. Chow is a mainstay, but the quality of their fare has decreased significantly.  I would only recommend going to the Mr. Chow in Los Angeles (it’s quite a scene).  If you want Mr. Chow in NYC, head to Phillipe(as in the same Phillipe Chow) uptown on E 60th.