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Megs’ Reply

April 8th, 2008 No Comments



“Tummy tingle?? It’s probably just gas.” Haha!!!

 I love that Mary posted my snarky comment this morning about first time ‘tingles’. Just for the record as logical I am about relationships (ok, I try my best to be); I do think that a  ’tummy tingle’ is something that cannot be overlooked. Very few times do you experience such a feeling, so do not think it is merely an initial lust or attraction. Be balanced with present enjoyment that someone has made you feel this way, because the less open you are to those initial butterfly-like feelings the less frequently they will come. I know Julia is usually the relationship expert, but I felt it necessary to tell my best friend Mary not to discount the ‘tingles’ as sometimes you learn the most from feelings you cannot explain. 

I know, I really enjoy the tingle.  Past experience tells me to not fall into the same hole again, but my youthful optimism says go for it.