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Gawker can say all they want

April 10th, 2008 No Comments


Holy Shit!!!!

Gawker can say all they want, but I’m going to enjoy this post. (Admittedly we are in the douchiest of the cliques, but there is no where to go but up!)

New Kids on the Blog: Distorted Reality
“Watch your backs, Hills girls. The indomitable Julia Allison and her two best gal pals are reportedly in talks with Bravo to star in their own reality series. Supposedly the show will center around Allison, handbag designer (and Leven’s older sister) Mary Rambin, and tech heiress Megan Asha as they attempt to launch an online business together. Hey, if anyone can make a show about a Web startup sexy, it’s these ladies…”

My dress is by Tiffany Koury, a good friend of mine.  Her dresses feel like butter and fit like a glove.  This pic was taken at a Forbes charity auction last year. Megs and Julia were snapped at a polo match in the Hamptons.