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April 11th, 2008 No Comments


(at Oren’s Daily Roast – great coffee, great people)

Mary: It would be really nice if you had an amazing Low Fat Bran Muffin.

Seth:  Yeah….they weren’t really selling.

Mary:Wow, really. (as I look at all of the amazing pasteries)

John: We could get them. 

Mary: I would buy them.

John: But if we did, you would have to advertise too. You would have to put on a muffin suit and tell everyone outside how awesome our muffins are. And hold the muffins.

Seth: I love how you went straight to the “muffin suit.” Not just will you look cute and talk about muffins, nope, straight to the full suit.

(I hope this comedy translates over the Internet, I’m still laughing)