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What I Wore [Would be] Hated By Mary Rambin.com

April 12th, 2008 No Comments

What I Wore [Would be] Hated By Mary Rambin.com


“I started this tumblroonie after seeing What I Wore and Style, By Mary Rambin .

Let’s face it: We all wear clothes, but we can’t all give a shit about them… In my case, sometimes I do care, but my aesthetic is far from traditional, fashionable or mainstream. Let’s put it this way: What I Wore would be hated By Mary Rambin.

My clothing is a combination of designer hand me downs from mom, vintage and secondhand pieces I’ve picked up around Boston and Los Angeles, mall crap and things I’ve stolen from ex-boyfriends. I don’t believe in trying to match, looking “too busy” or showering more than five times a week.

I expect that some of you will relate to me, most of you will laugh at me and maybe a few of you will be inspired to stop caring about what you’re supposed to wear and just wear whatever the fuck you feel like, but seriously: do with this whatever you please. We’re all adults here.”

What I Wore: 3/16/08

Shirt: Needham High School soccer jersey (thrifted)

Jeans: American Apparel

Shoes: Vintage black leather flats my dog ate the tag out of.

Where: Around the house

This is fantastic!!! Fashion is a choice, and if it’s not your thing, then fuck it.  Enjoy life in your own way.

Fashion is fun for me, so I explore it, and then share my thoughts with you.

She’s right. I’m not into her outfit at all, but as long as she feels comfortable and confident, I’m all for it.