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Family Guy

April 13th, 2008 No Comments

For your Sunday I was going to show you my favorite Family Guy clip, but I can’t find it on YouTube!!!  It’s the one where Stewie steals Brian’s fur and sticks it on his body while putting rear-view mirror dice down his diaper to appear manly for Brian’s girlfriend.

I then looked for my second favorite: when Stewie acts like Brian’s bookieand kicks, beats, and shoots the shit out of Brian, but there wasn’t a version I could embed. “Gettin real tired of you duckin me man, real tired…How much did you pay for that fake mustache, how much man?” Hysterical.

Finally, I settled on the Cool Whip classic. It’s funny, no denying it.

Enjoy your Sunday.  Heft and I are off to Boot Camp at Equinox, then I’m on a mission to find a very specific item, and finishing off the night with dinner at my place with Megs and Julia. I’m making sauteed veggies with soy cheese over salad (we’ve eaten a lot of shit this week).