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"You realize it’s all about compatible immune systems right?"

April 14th, 2008 No Comments

—Julia is finally writing a response to my tummy tingles blog.

Before she posts, I think I should restate how rare the tingles are. And how anti-boyfriend Julia is right now.

I am of the mindset you have to attempt not to analyze too much, and life will lead you in the right direction. To me, too much thinking about relationships = playing games. I get the fact people should maintain a little mystery. But if you have to maneuver and strategize, you are not honest or real with him or yourself. After you chose a road and drive down it for a while, when you finally stop for a pee break, you realize you can’t remember how or why you got there. You were too caught up in your head to read the road signs.

I hope I communicated that clearly. Think = bad. Live = good.

All set Jules.