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Awful 2am Photo

April 17th, 2008 No Comments

This awful 2am photo is brought to you by the people at Lipton and Heft.  Dying for a coffee and too lazy to go to the deli, I reached for Heft’s green tea (I’ve actually never seen her drink it…). 

I was just going to post a picture of my favorite Blue Bell Ice Cream mug. I’m sure you’re wishing that had been the case.  My Mom’s ex-boyfriend Philip (with one L), who is a devout Ben and Jerry’s consumer, gave this to me so I could be a proud Blue Bell fan.  They only sell it in the South; the Homemade Vanilla is truly the best ice cream on earth. (I know, you would never think just plain old vanilla, but there is nothing plain about this vanilla).

And to top it off, I’m wearing my favorite granny pj’s.  I think the uglier the pj’s, the more comfortable they are.

Night night.