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Got You Molly!!!

April 17th, 2008 No Comments

Got You Molly!!! I like this outfit!!!

Molly started a blog called What I Wore Would Be Hated by Mary Rambin, which I love, because she’s right, her style is not anything like mine.  BUT, I respect her for rockin’ what she loves.  The girl has attitude and a good sense of humor.

You have to embrace your own style.  Style and attitude are actually a reflection of self perception and confidence.  Some people create a facade to hide behind; others are able to use style as self expression. I can respect “to each his own” fashion, but you have to not only believe in the clothes, but more importantly yourself.


What I Wore: 04/12/08

Top: Barney’s Green

Shorts: Sevens I cut 

Shoes: Michael

Sungalsses: Raybans

Where: Around the house, grocery store