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April 18th, 2008 No Comments

Our hosts (here with celeb guests) for the evening at David Chu’s beautiful 6 story townhouse: Harvey Weinstein, Graydon Carter (of Vanity Fair), Lewis Lapham, Brooke Geahan (in Marc Bouwer), Tom Wolfe, Richard Dreyfuss, and Patrick McMullen (not pictured as he is taking the picture).  A couple notable guests below.  For full details, go to New York Social Diary.

A funny anecdote:

While chatting with Patrick McMullen outside, Richard Dreyfuss came up to us and asked if we knew a good Japanese restaurant in the area.  His wife said they were so hungry and wanted a place they could get right into.  As they were leaving, Dreyfuss thanked us for our help and pointed to his wife and mouthed “hot. she’s hot.” It was so cute.  Very refreshing to see a man so enthusiastic about his wife.