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April 19th, 2008 No Comments


I was totally unmotivated to go to the gym today, so I decided I would choose a class and make a commitment to attend.  The only cardio class tonight at Equinox was Step Gone Wild.  Oh goodness….what the hell.

The class ended up being jazz dance over a step, in other words, no real work at all.  So I was forced to hit the treadmill. Fine!

Even if I’m just walking fast up an incline, it’s better than sitting on the couch.  No expectations to get a full workout, just something to get the blood flowing and burn some calories.

I picked up the Times Digest, but the writing is too small to read while moving, so I grabbed Shape. I’ve never read it before, but as I was climbing up the incline, the small blurbs were the perfect distraction from the actual work I was doing.  Before I knew it, my endorphins were flowing, I changed the music from Sublime to Jay Z, ditched Shape, and started running.

Getting to the gym is half the battle.  Classes are a great way to make the commitment, but if there is nothing interesting, you must find your own motivation.  On those days you’re bummed to go, find something you enjoy (magazine, book, etc) to distract you when you start, and then your body will automatically get into the flow.

I ended up working shoulders and doing squats and lunges with a shoulder press in between sets.  Tough workout, and I feel amazing now!