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April 20th, 2008 No Comments

I have gotten many requests for my workout playlists.  If I’m at the gym lifting weights or on the treadmill, I shuffle all of my rock, hip hop, and pop songs.  To teach spin, I plan out a specific playlist to guide the workout.  Below is the list I used for my hour class yesterday. 

  1. Get It Poppin’, Fat Joe
  2. Who Knew, Pink
  3. Bring ‘Em Out, T.I.
  4. First Time (not sure of the artist)
  5. Holding Out For A Hero, Frou Frou
  6. Buttons, PCD
  7. I Don’t Want To Be In Love, Good Charlotte
  8. Elevator, Flo Rida
  9. Rich Girl, Hall and Oates
  10. Take You There, Sean Kingston
  11. 4 Minutes, Madonna and Justin T
  12. Jump, Madonna
  13. High Road, Fort Minor
  14. By the Way, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  15. Nothing Left to Lose, Mat Kearny

I always use songs that people know so they can sing along (whether it’s out loud or in their head).  The beat of the music keeps my riders’ pace at a certain speed.  For the riders, the songs serve as a distraction to let their mind wander from the stress in their life and the effort they are putting into the ride.