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April 21st, 2008 No Comments

It’s true, although gladiator sandals are a huge trend, they aren’t the most flattering on your foot.  (Especially my sasquatch foot).

A reader points out (and I quote):

  1. For us short folk – they make us look even more like midgets – pause let me be PC about this… “little people.”
  2. They look less like a shoe and more like a punishment.
  3. They look like they were stolen from a porn set with a bondage theme.
  4. They turn any amazing outfit into a horrid one.
  5. Looks like a “stripper shoe” for geriatrics.

All above statements are for the most part true. It’s about finding the right pair.  I don’t necessarily agree they make any outfit horrid, they just add edge to outfit that might otherwise be bland or conservative (not to say those adjectives are synonyms). Edge sometimes comes at price.  And often, if you’re tired of the same old look, edge is a welcome change.   I will post my flats for spring, and you can see how I’ve interpreted the trend.