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THE Nice Guy

April 22nd, 2008 No Comments

I met him tonight.  I didn’t know if he actually really existed as even the seemingly nice guys turn out to be douche bags in some way…or is that just in my world.

“Gentleman” doesn’t really come close to how polite, yet sincere, this guy is. (And! He was dressed to a T: Blue striped button down shirt under a chocolate brown V-neck cashmere sweater and dark denim jeans with Gucci suede driving shoes. Sounds boring, but it was anything but dull.)

He recently had his heart broken, of course, because nice guys always finish last.  Not at all pretentious, just very intelligent and cultured, Nice Guy had interesting banter and didn’t bore me once.  Stories of a European heritage, technology career, secret passion for fashion (and Margarita Missoni), decent knowledge of college football, and willingness to acknowledge facts he wasn’t informed about filled our 3 hour conversation with colorful commentary and laughter.

We dined at The House, which is around the corner from Casa Mono on 17th and Irving. The townhouse itself is quaint and comfortable with delicious and simple Italian fare.  Don’t underestimate the small wine list; it boasts Italy’s finest.

It had all of the makings of a perfect date, except it wasn’t.  It was the most pleasant, relaxed evening I have enjoyed in NYC in a while.  No expectations, just good company and a lovely laugh.