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So here’s a question for you …

April 22nd, 2008 No Comments


I have a dilemma.

A woman has taken to obsessively writing about me (and my girl friends) on a certain blog. This woman checks my tumblr, my flickr, my vimeo, my twitter, the postings about me on gawker & valleywag, as well as all of the things my girl friends post, and spends a good portion of her time (time which could otherwise be spent engaged in fun and useful activities, such as tennis, horseback riding or archery!) penning long, bitchy, link-ridden items “analyzing” my life.

She’s not a bad writer – in fact, she’s quite good. And I actually don’t mind people harmlessly poking fun at me. But she crosses the line when she publishes crap rumors in the guise of “blind” items and completely misrepresents situations where she really doesn’t have all the facts. More than anything, there’s a raw vitriolic hatred to her writing that – yes – really bothers me. Scares me, even.

But worse than all that is her consistent refusal to write under her own name, and to take responsibility for what she’s written.

I have never met her. She doesn’t know me or any of my friends. But I know who she is.

I’ve known for quite some time now, and I was hoping general decency would – at some point – take over. Um … not so much. I’ve asked her politely to stop. She hasn’t.

Most likely I shouldn’t care. I go through periods where I don’t. But ultimately, I come back to this: people should be accountable for what they write. I’m tired of it.

Should I reveal her?

What do you think?

PS. She tried to be my “friend” on Facebook. That’s just creepy.

Well said. I want to scream her name from the rooftops, but I know the high road is the better option here.  She has brutally attacked us over the last few months, and been praised for her witty prose.  Why not reveal yourself, Princess of Petty Parsing??

I feel bad for her honestly. And I hope she gained some sort of happiness in blog-bashing because at the end of the day, I don’t care.  I have thick skin, but something tells me she doesn’t.