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Bye Bye Baugher Blogger

April 25th, 2008 No Comments

If you read Baugher Blogger, or find her interesting, or find her becoming trite, you’ve got to read RebloggingRebloggingJulia

I really can’t believe it’s gone this far. Especially now that Baugher Blogger is so boring.  But I feel like you should know about this blog.  I find it f-ing hysterical.

Here are a few excepts from his (I believe it’s a guy) introductory post:

“for f*ck’s sake I think there may be 3 or 4 of you out there who will find this just clever, boring, or obnoxious enough to read & take up 30 seconds of your day!! Plus, for the love of god, the dynamic J.A. seems to be worthy of a knight in shining armor to re-blog versus the unfunny “julia baugher” who I will refer to going forward as Darth baugher… “

“It seems yesterday Darth baugher decided to yada yada us to death about IP addresses, how he/she is harder to track down then the Taliban, and a couple of *yawn* digs at J.A. and her personal life.”

“O’ lame one, we ask you to ponder ones own need to psycho(emphasis on psycho by the way) analyze someone who it really sounds like, at least from your sketchy rants, you desire to be like. “

“…we will be watching & we are now going to be reblogging reblogging Julia and we hate to be boring and unfunny…something you seem to have decided to try on for size yesterday…”

I honestly hope that Baugher Blogger will die with the boring IP tirade, and that both blogs will become obsolete.  If you really want to bash Julia (or I, or Meghan) there will always be Gawker.