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Separate is Better

April 26th, 2008 No Comments



RP + LV = YIKES + $$

I dimissed this line of bags a while ago thinking:

  1. Not cute at all!
  2. Way too expensive
  3. Would rather enjoy the two seperately

But the damn things are photographed everywhere despite the fact they are uber exclusive.

It wasn’t until I read this article from Portfolio that I was reminded of the true motivation of this collaboration: to increase the value of the brand.  A few notable quotes from writer Felix Salmon:

“Couture, of course, has never been profitable: it’s a way of building a valuable brand, which can then be slapped onto the real money-makers: perfumes and handbags and sunglasses and the like.”

“After all, if no one buys an unwearable dress, that’s fine, it wasn’t designed to make money. But if no one buys an ugly handbag, then that’s real potential profits down the drain.”

“But here’s the thing: Louis Vuitton already has an extremely well-established and very profitable handbag line. The Richard Prince bags won’t replace the extant Vuitton bags. Rather, they’ll give an edgy glamour to the Vuitton brand which it does rather need.”

“In fashion, complacency is death. Vuitton can’t stay close to its roots and maintain its present level of sales: if the brand isn’t changing, then it’s dying.”