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April 28th, 2008 No Comments

I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently asking me HOW I work out. What’s my routine.  Unfortunately I can’t explain via blog my exact methods, but I will give you a general outline.  I also suggest that if you aren’t familiar with the gym equipment or how to structure a dynamic workout you hire a trainer at least for a few sessions to teach you how to fully utilize the machines and perform the exercises properly.

Here’s my usual breakdown by day:

  1. Chest and triceps
  2. Back and biceps
  3. Cardio/Spinning
  4. Shoulders
  5. Cardio/Spinning
  6. Yoga

I start with a warm up on the treadmill of a mile or two just to get the heart pumping.  Then I focus on the muscle groups listed above and do 5 exercises per group in one day. The groups are paired so you aren’t pushing a particular group to fatigue while working on another. 

In between sets, I usually do squats, crunches, or butt lifts to keep my heart rate up while the muscles rest. And the weightless movements will provide tone on those areas where you don’t want to build too much bulk.

Machines are good for beginners, but once you have learned proper form, free weights are more challenging. 

The key to working out effectively is to keep the exercises challenging and to not let your body learn a routine.  By changing the movements, adding and subtracting components (ex: a Bosu ball to challenge your stability and work your core while lifting), you will continue to shock the muscles and continue to see progress.

Yoga is great to keep you lean and flexible.  I wish I had time to practice more often. In my opinion, the key to yoga is finding the right teacher who speaks to your mentality and challenges you.

I gave Julia a taste of my “dynamic” workout in Vegas.  Basically I kicked her ass.  But she loved it!!! She left with a smile.

Other great ways to stay in shape: kickboxing, boot camp, gym classes.

As far as Pilates goes, it’s never been my cup of tea.  Plus, I have a bad lower back that makes some of the movements difficult and painful.  Some people swear by it; I have no comment.