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My Head to Toe:Prive in Planet Hollywood

May 17th, 2008 No Comments

Last night we went to Prive in Planet Hollywood.  These clubs in Vegas are really all the same.  But I LOVE the cheesy remixes.

Head To Toe:

  • Chanel scarf (Didn’t like the tops I brought so I made one out of a scarf.  Remember, if you are innovative, you won’t get bored with your wardrobe.)
  • Zara shorts
  • Johnathan Kelsey shoes
  • Denim Toby CLICK bag

The Chanel scarf is from my Mom’s designer resale store in Houston, Encore.  She always has a great selection of Chanel and Hermes scarves for about $80 each. Because her stock is always changing, she can’t sell online, but feel free to call her if you are looking for something specific (purse, scarf, dress, suit) and don’t live in Houston.


6415 San Felipe @ Winrock, Houston TX  713-334-9327