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Post-Vegas Detox Feedback

May 21st, 2008 No Comments


Thank you so much for all of your recommendations.  Here is what you sent in:

  1. The “Face Lift Fast” by NV Perricone: I can’t do this one because I HATE salmon, it’s so fishy.  However, I like that you can continue to eat regularly, so if you like salmon, this one sounds pretty easy.
  2. Blue Print Cleanse: It’s 3 different levels of fasting that seem manageable over a time period you set for yourself.  This is my favorite and least expensive. (They only deliver in NYC, CT, & NJ)
  3. Clean 9: This one would be my last choice because I don’t like not eating at all (especially for 9 days), and it includes bottled aloe, powdered shakes, and pills.  I need real food. Someone would definitely be seriously injured if I didn’t eat for 9 days.
  4. L.O.V.E.: Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience.  This is a food delivery service that sounds fantastic, but not reasonable for my bi-coastal lifestyle at this moment.
  5. Chef’s Diet: This is for those of you who have NO willpower. It’s another meal delivery.  I tasted a sample at a gifting suite, amazing food, but there’s actually a crepe with ricotta cheese on the menu.  And I’m pretty sure I can eat better than that on my own.  However, it’s delicious and reasonably priced.

And this is the one I am going with:

Dr. Weil’s Fresh Juice Fast: He suggests making fresh juice for 1-3 days.  Although I would prefer the Blue Print cleanse, I can’t start when I wake up tomorrow (why do they have those silly start days anyway). Plus, I will be traveling, so I can pack the juice with me (as in sneak it on the flight to LA tomorrow). AND, I can stop after 2 days.

When I have a free moment, I’m going to invent the cookie diet.