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Launch Party for Ish

May 23rd, 2008 No Comments

The launch party for Ish, one of the hottest new production companies in town.  EVERYONE was there.  I would have one picture of a hot celeb but:

  1. That’s inappropriate at LA parties
  2. Everyone you see is a celeb in this pic
  3. Celebrities don’t interest me

I was actually talking to a group when I suddenly felt bright lights, and I turned my head to see 10 cameras pointed at Paris making out with Benji Madden litteraly a foot from my face. Check out Extra! or ET to see my mug. 

**Side note:  My ex boyfriend (aka the love of my life at one point)  is actually in this picture.  He was there with his girlfriend of 2 years (who looks amazingly like me). Trust me, at that moment, I wish I had a cocktail.