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Nipple Commentary

June 4th, 2008 No Comments

Nipple Commentary – Gawker on Tape 2

By now you all know that I read Gawker. I found a post about myself quite comical today. My “almost” nipple is news! (or rather gossip).

I wish I could show you my nipples and just get it over with, but alas, that’s not PC.

Sorry for not getting “gussied up” for this video, but I’m sure you understand that can get exhausting.

So, here i am, no make up, chatting about my not exposed nipple.┬áBut seeing as I rarely wear bras and my boobs pop out uninvited, you’re sure to catch a glimpse someday.

If Andy (the kissing boy) weren’t gay, it might have been a HAPPY birthday. (My 24th birthday actually was quite happy. I was surrounded by tons of friends and we danced like maniacs.)