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The Truth About Head to Toe

June 12th, 2008 No Comments


All I can say is that not every outfit is perfect, we’re human.  I’m not going to look like Barbie in a box everyday, I don’t care to.  But I like this outfit, and you can read below why. 

I post pictures of my outfits not to display about how well-constructed they are, but mostly to say, this is what I’m wearing.  Usually there is something interesting going on.  I love these Escada shorts because they are different.  My legs don’t need to be on display everyday. 

My responses to the commentary are below.  This is not a hostile or defensive response, so please don’t apply that tone.  It’s a simple explanation.


Um ok. Where do I begin? I confess… I kinda like Julia Allison. I do! That being said, what I am about to say has nothing to do with Julia. It has to do with this self-proclaimed fashionista Mary Rambin.

Quite a few times I have abstained from speaking up about her “fashion blog”. As the writer of a fashion blog myself (Couture Cult), that I am pretty proud of… despite how sporadically I have been posting lately… I find myself putting the frustrations of the poorly dressed onto her. I blame her. I mean… LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!

There must truly be some who are seeking guidance and turning to her page. And they are met with THIS, as an example of what to wear? How about what not to wear?

First of all. Gray and white with black accessories: groundbreaking. Secondly, the particular shade of “blonde” that her hair is: washes her skin out and makes her look red. Maybe she got some sun, but ladies if you have the RIGHT shade of blonde, your hair and skin wont clash! I promise! 

My hair is actually not this color at all.  The lighting in my apartment sucks and so does my camera, honestly. This will improve with the new website.

The cut of this top does nothing for her shape. She is broad in the shoulders and narrow everywhere else. With the tank tucked in to the shorts, and then belted… there is still no sign of a waist. I am not saying this to knock her figure, I am saying this to HELP this poor soul. Had she left the tank un-tucked, and belted around the tank rather than around the shorts… and bloused the tank just a teeny tiny bit… she’d create the illusion of a waist. Also, these shorts are so long they elongate her already long shapeless figure.

Neutrals are in too.  I was actually carrying a red bag that day (still not ground breaking).

The shirt is tucked in because it’s short.  Beforehand, I also tried a couple of tops over the shorts and I had less of a figure.  Give me a little credit.

This is not said as an insult! I am not trying to criticize her body! Just the way she is dressing it. If you have this kind of shape, you want to create the illusion of curves where there is none. She has the right idea with the pleats… only the skinny minnies can pull them off without looking pregnant. BUT: they should be about 2-3 inches shorter. She has wonderful long legs: why not show them off? I’m not saying they should be short in a trashy way: just this isn’t flattering on her and only brings the eye down to see more looooong loooong loooongness with nothing in between to break it up.

I don’t want/need to show off my body in every outfit. 

As you obviously don’t know (which means my plan has worked), I do in fact have curvier hips than I would like, but I prefer not to show them –  they aren’t the right “shape.”

And.. why gray? How about a hot pink or teal tank instead? It’s SPRING! Let’s add some color and vibrance to our clothes now…

Neutrals are in! I usually prefer bold colors, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood.

Maybe instead of some safe and basic every day jewelry… how about some clunky plastic or lucite bangles?

I understand that my basics don’t scream trendy; they aren’t supposed to, they’re “basic” and usually serve as building block. Here is some accessory insight:

  1. Plastic, no!
  2. Less is more
  3. Classic and understated can be a statement

I want to walk up to her, smooth some serum into her hair, untuck her shirt, put the belt around the top of it all and blouse it a bit, maybe roll up or use tape to shorten the hem of these shorts… and there would be a VAST improvement.

Do you know how hot it is here? The best part about this picture is that it’s au natural.  I had just come in from running around town for 3 hours. 

Also, I still love these shorts.  Fashion isn’t always about what’s flattering.  The great part about these shorts is that only a few people can wear them without looking like a grandma and I’m long enough to pull them off.

And if I see one more fucking Moe bag I’m gunna hurl.

No Moe bag in this picture.

I’m sorry. I just HAD to. This is ridiculous. Style tips from one who is going safe, and showing no particular creative individuality.

Everyday isn’t going to be groundbreaking.  It’s about what you feel good and confident in.  I enjoy stepping outside of the box just as much as Patricia Field but there are a couple caveats to doing so:

  1. You must own the outfit.  Your attitude is as much a part of it as the actual clothes.  If you’re not feeling bold, then it will scream right over any trendy ensemble you’re wearing.
  2. Classic and basic is ok too.  It makes sense, it’s comfortable, and refreshing to not always be making some statement. Less is sometimes more.

If Mary wore a top more like this one, by Balenciaga, it would add some SPRING to her wardrobe and probably her step. It would give her a touch of curves as well and would be flattering to her “bust line”.

This top is awful.

Shorts more like this pair by Hudson would also be more flattering on her.

I have 2 pairs of shorts like this and I wear them constantly.

I’d still get them in white but… the cut is more modern and it would accentuate her length in a *positive* way.

Thank you.

Again, I really don’t need to “show off” all the time.  Plus, have you ever sat on the subway in short shorts, yuck!

Okay, I’m done here.

Shall I expect to see a picture of your Head to Toe soon?

I realize not everyone agrees with my style, and I have “what the fuck is she wearing” days just like everyone else.  But, I’m not afraid to share the good, the bad, or the ugly because that’s what makes it real.  This is life, not Sex and the City. 

Here’s what I hope you take away from my blog:

  1. Find your own sense of style.  Interpret trends and make them your own. Feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.  (This girl’s blog has many comments from people who don’t like my outfit or me.  But I’ll tell you this much, I’ll wear this outfit again because I like it.)
  2. Have an opinion about what I’m wearing.  That’s why I do it. Love it or hate it, that’s what fashion is about.
  3. Attempt something new.
  4. I hope you learn something.
  5. Laugh a little.  Please don’t take me seriously all the time.

Enjoy the beautiful summer day.