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June 18th, 2008 No Comments


Touche’. Shit & cleanse talk is fine with me. But cupcakes and fat burgers right before cleansing equates to a cleanse that you will have to work doubly hard at because you loaded up on calories, fat, & toxins, right before. I speak from experience. Take the 5 days before a cleanse to prep your body & then the cleanse works 10x better & is much easier to maintain after it’s over.

Wait. I am arguing with Mary about diet & cleansing?? Fuck me. I am calling my boss right now and telling him I am a thief of my paycheck and a trespasser in the home office he entrusted me to maintain. I am demanding he dock my pay and make me work from the office from now on.   

No debate on the pre-cleanse or your work habits (that’s hysterical!). You’re actually dead on target with being a good girl before a cleanse.  I just couldn’t resist. And it’s the thought of the burger that keeps me going.  I did the bad, now I focus on the good!

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