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New Shirt

June 22nd, 2008 No Comments

I just bought this shirt from Rugby, a Ralph Lauren brand. I love the under collar! I tried to get one for Andy, but apparently this style is a little too hip for the men of New Canaan (they discontinued the men’s shirts).

New Canaan is ridiculously preppy, which is actually refreshing. This place is a Ralph Lauren ad! And now I fit in…kind of.

I’m the only person in their twenties here. Either you’re in high school or settling down with a family…or a senior citizen (I’m here to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday!) I would love to start a family in a quiet nook like New Canaan: one main street, casual attire for every occasion, safer than safe, and peaceful. It actually gets quiet here. Sometime down the road….but on the west coast :)

That’s a lot of commentary for a shirt!