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"You know somethin’ people don’t talk about in public anymore…pussy farts."

June 24th, 2008 No Comments

I miss George Carlin already.

My friend Trey and I were privileged enough to see him up close and personal in Vegas just after his book came out.  We laughed so hard it hurt.

I think I’ve heard every performance that has been released by Mr. Carlin. He’s so crass and honest, I love it.  (Maybe he influenced my life…that would explain a lot actually.) My mom is a huge stand-up comedy fan.  I grew up listening to Dice…back then, people still thought he was funny.  I can go sit in a comedy club solo and have the best time!

RIP George.

And for all of you out there in comedy, he’s a hard act to follow, but if you’re honest, life will lead you to the funny.