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June 28th, 2008 No Comments


A reader sent me a link to this post.

Trying to decide whether or not I’m into this or not.  I like the outfit as a whole.  Really wish he had shaved and brushed his hair.  Or even just brushed his hair before he got into the silk suit.

I think unique fashion choices have to FIT your personality.  You can’t just put this on.  You must have adventurous style and wear it with confidence.

But if he were my date, I would rather him be in a traditional, clean cut tux.

Other commentary:

  • My Aunt: “I like it…is he gay?”
  • My Mom: “I don’t like it, he looks girly.”

To each his own!


Ribbon as the new bowtie? So very… Victorian. Ribbons are one of the last remaining female-only accessories – let us keep them!