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Blue Means Cold

June 29th, 2008 No Comments

“I just learned that when it turns blue, it means cold.”  Only beer in Texas y’all.

This is Kristen, my oldest friend in the world.  Kris was only a few months old when I popped out, and we have been friends ever since (even though she stole my Easter eggs at the hunt every year).

She is THE fashionista of Houston. Her style is impeccable.  Right now she seems to be going through a Tory Burch phase in her everyday wear, and dressed up she’s always classic and elegant.

Today we had the best time with a small group of friends hanging out by the pool in her backyard.  This is how I think weekends should be: spent with friends in a spacious, enjoyable environment, not on a cramped roof deck surrounded by wanna-be’s staring at each other.  But alas, life takes us/me to both, and I’m fortunate to experience it all.

One day though….I’ll have a yard, with a husband grilling (hers is grilling below), surrounded by my friends, without a care in the world. Who knows where in the world that will be, but I’m confident it will all fall into place.

And I’m gonna have a hell of a good time getting there.

Thanks for the perfect afternoon Kris and Lee.