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July 1st, 2008 No Comments

Houston was a breath of fresh air. Sometimes you really need to step out of your zone, the hustle of NYC, the intensity of starting a new business, to really assess what’s important in life.

Knowing some of my readers, I’m sure one of your initial reactions is: the girl writes a style blog, what could be less important in life than fashion. So let me start of by referencing my intro above, fashion isn’t life, it just makes life more fun.

The girls in this picture I’ve know at least since 6th grade.  Kristen, standing next to me (in Tory Burch), was there when I was born.  Hanging out with them used to be a curse because they knew EVERYTHING about me (the good, the bad, and the ugly. Being high school girls, of course we all gossiped about the ugly…who did what to who where, the parties at Trey’s and Bevin’s, late night at Balmer’s, crushes on the Memorial boys, omg the memories).

Now, it’s refreshing being around people who know EVERYTHING about each other.  We can laugh about the good ole days and see how far we have come. In NYC, I can tell the tales, but it just isn’t the same.

All of these girls went to the University of Texas (while I went to USC), and returned home to settle down with a loving husband in a beautiful home, grass and pool included.  On the West coast, I embraced my entrepreneurial spirit then moved to NYC, no husband or house, needless to say no grass or pool, AND I had to sell my car!  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious of their lives.  They have everything they “need” in place, and are now pursuing their careers and sharing their experiences with a partner.  Usually we think it has to be the other way around: go crazy, travel, then settle.  But I think these girls have the right idea.  And alas, we’re Texans, this is how we are raised.

I won’t be mystified by “the grass is always greener” in Texas ideal. I really can’t complain, my grass is pretty damn green.

But it makes me wonder, why can’t I have both? I’m 26 and therefore still very optimistic.  I want both damn it.  But, look at poor Jennifer Aniston, she had both… and now she’s with John Mayer.  Wow, this picture is getting better!! Just kidding :) Many people have both, and I’m stubborn enough to think I can too.  I dare to dream.