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July 10th, 2008 No Comments


“I Love Me Some S’mores.”  —Me

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you had an eventful/relaxing/whatever-you-wanted-it-to-be Monday. 

Now that we’re half way through summer and the fall collections are hitting the stores, I will be incorporating more S’mores into my blog.

This S’more is a delicious, easy, and healthy desert to accompany any fall dinner.  I’ve been really into the forbidden food combos for a while now (graham/chocolate, marshmallow/chocolate); they go with everything!  I don’t believe it will be an “it” desert either, which makes it so much more attractive.

Tom reblogs all of my posts and adds his own spin.  Most of the time I only find his patronizing tone mildly amusing.  This morning, I’m laughing hysterically.