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July 13th, 2008 No Comments

Megs and I decided to stop in at the Apple store to see if we could snag a couple new iPhones after dinner. She was there at the official opening to cover the chaos, but I had no idea what people would do to get this phone!

We tried EVERYTHING — sneaking in line outside, sneaking in line inside, hiding behind a pole, using my “broken” phone at the Genius bar, bribing people in line by purchasing their new phone, and of course playing the dumb blonde who didn’t know it was such a big deal.  NOTHING FUCKING WORKED!

Actually, we were shocked none of the fanatics who had been waiting in line would allow us to cut for a free phone. Not only would they get their coveted gadget, but also have it for FREE. Admirable!

Before dinner, I really could have cared less.  But Megs’ passion rubbed off on me. So I’ll hit up the store tomorrow at 7am before my 8:30 spin class Uptown.  Ugh.